Rainbow Club Gay-Straight Alliance (RCGSA) is a non-profit organization seeking to empower LGBTQ youth, allies, families and educators, with creative publications, networking, advocacy and other resources, promoting safe and affirming schools and communities.


RCGSA hopes to promote the creation, growth and empowerment of GSA organizations, advocating for full LGBTQ inclusivity and affirmation in all spheres of society impacting out youth: arts/clubs/teams, families/homes, educational institutions, courts, media, businesses, and places of worship. 


Rainbow Club books: 

The Young Adult fiction series, Rainbow Club, tells the story of high school GSA students, working toward a safer, more affirming world.  Seven kids become heroes as they struggle against bullying, with support and encouragement from their peers, families, teachers, and leaders. 

Contact: info@rainbowclubbook.org

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